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Thank you for choosing to help Texas families!

The basic idea behind Family Law Cares is that thousands of practicing Texas attorneys, supported by the energy and resources of many non-lawyer Texans, can be mobilized by technology and personal will to help provide an efficient and effective system of indigent legal services in the state. Here are the many ways that you can get involved in this noble cause:

Take A Case

This is the objective of Family Law Cares, to provide an effective environment in which practicing attorneys and law students can connect with indigent clients and offer pro bono legal services. If you are trained to take these cases, click on Take A Case from the Home page and select the county where you are available from the drop-down menu. There you will get information on cases or contact information on the legal service provider or county office that can connect you with needy clients. Take a Case now.

Train to Handle Pro Bono Cases

If you are an attorney or law student but are not trained to handle pro bono family law cases, there are many, easy-to-access training options being offered by a number of law-related organizations. The Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, Texas Young Lawyers Association, some county bar associations and all three legal service providers operating in the state offer CLE-approved training sessions. Many training sessions are free if you accept a pro bono case.

There is also a need for experienced attorneys to carry out the training all across the state.

Be A Mentor

More seasoned attorneys can make their experience widely felt by mentoring younger lawyers who sign up to take pro bono family law cases.

Participate in Events

To keep Family Law Cares top of mind with attorneys across Texas, the Family Law Section will carry out various events meant to raise awareness and money to pay for pro bono activities. For example, the Family Law Section is teaming with Texas Young Lawyers Association on a series of free CLE sessions titled How to Do A Pro Bono Divorce in different Texas cities.

Sponsor Events

Each event of the Family Law Section will be sponsored by a number of different organizations and firms.


Not available to participate in any of the activities above? Consider making a contribution to the activities of the Section. It’s all for the cause of providing real, live attorneys to handle pro bono legal services for the indigent of ¬†Texas. Make a Donation now.




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